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Velveteen – is an app about the indieband of the same name from Frankfurt in Germany. Their densely packed sound always conveys a feeling that something redeeming or sinister is about to happen. Atmospheric songs and laconic vocals form an impressive alliance in which quiet moments erupt into forceful indie guitar noise and little anecdotes about everyday things tell us about failure and hope. Initially sharing a passion for bands like 'My Bloody Valentine' and 'Ride', the band has since recorded distiguished albums in DIY fashion. An enthusiasm for subtle experiments without becoming overambitious can be heard in their music.

This app contains sample tracks of all four albums, photos, videos, info, an extensive interview about the new album and a link to Velveteen's website.

Keyword: Velveteen, Shoegazing, Alternative Rock, Home Waters, Death Cab For Cutie, Stun



"What is your highscore? Find out! The more you think before you click, the further you will advance in levels - but watch out - time is running...".

CloxX is a great exponent of "Same Games".

The objective is to clear the screen via tab. If adjoining pairs or whole groups of "CloxX" of the same color appear, select them via tab and with a second tab they will disappear. The more disappear at one time the higher your score. Somtimes you might find a bomb which enables you to delete "CloxX" regardless their color.
But be careful: If there are still "CloxX" left at the end of a level, you will lose one life for each one that is left. Your totatal lives are 10. And hurry - time is not on your side.

- Animated "CloxX"
- Optimized for color-blind people
- OpenFeint integration with:
- - - HighScore list
- - - Friends list
- - - Chat

Created with Cocos2d

Available in two versions:
• CloxX
• CloxX Lite (Free test version - limited to 8 level)

Keyword: Game, Arcade, Puzzle, OpenFeint, Cocos2d

CloxX is "HOT TIP" on iTunes


"If you like Tetris or TapTap Revenge, this game will prove a real alternative, providing an entertaining game concept and great music - a perfect pick and play game for any time."

- Click on the particle dots to test your reaction speed
- Move your iPhone in direction of the arrow
- Increase your score and rise to the top of worldwide highscores

- detailed voice output tutorial (English)
- two game modes: "easy" & "hard"
- save your highscore (worldwide table)
- seven complete songs by band EX MACHINA
- trackselection
- info about the music

Ex Machina - Song List:
• Forwards Backward
• Cityride in Electrolight
• Floating
• Backwards Forward
• Winterwind
• Journey
• Dawning

Created with Cocos2d

Available in three versions:
• ExMachina Extended (7 Songs included / 27 MB)
• ExMachina (2 Songs included / 10 MB / mobile download optimized)
• ExMachina Lite (2 Songs included / available as free version)

Keyword: Game, Arcade, Action, Music, Pop, Electro, Ex Machina, Particles, Cocos2d

EX MACHINA Pos. 71 in "GAMES-CHARTS" on iTunes


Black Night Crash - is an App about this rock band, inspired by the Brit rock bands of the 70s, based in Bremen/Germany. Since they got together in 2005 they have been ignoring the prevailing trends. They rather pay homage to the "roots", the fuzzy and scratchy seventies' guitar-sound which they refine with their own charm, transporting it into the here and now – althogh lately their tunes might even include a few footnotes to the late sixties. Black Night Crash mix their songs wildly and skillfuly; now a Beatles-like harmony, then a rough tune like The Who, rock-steady-guitars reminding of Status Quo, but also complex compositions like Pink Floyd – from a contemporary point of view – the genre where bands like The Soundtrack of our Lives or Wolfmother are to be found.

This App is filled with the songs from her debut album, pictures and their first videos, biography and connection to her webside.

"I had birds on my mind but stones on my soles,
so I picked up my guitar for rock'n'roll.“

Keyword: Black Night Crash, Rock, Brit Rock, 70s, 60s, Alternative, New rock music